July 7 Bombings

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Lockerbie sites

Pan-Am 103 site on Wikipedia HERE which includes many links to further reading, including unconventional theories.

Terrorism stuff

There's also a entry in Wikipedia on the subject, but as you may read, but if you are good enough to read my book you will see that my definition of terrorism is more restrictive; in particular it involves 'double persecution' whereby a target constituency is caught between being punished by the government and being exploited by the terrorists.

I have also enjoyed the (slightly chilling) Global Guerrillas blog which stresses how modern societies are vulnerable to attacks on vital systems (water, electricity, gas, communications) while modern technology empowers smaller and smaller groups.

Musical renditions of Psalm 91

Psalters are part of the stock-in-trade of worship, so recordings of traditional worship services will sometimes include this one. If you know of any good.ones, please feel free to tell me! HERE is one version by Ian White.

Bible versions

THIS is a useful resource that groups various versions together.

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Another Story


My book was due out in Spring 2005 but my publisher was being critical and maybe God wanted me to feel some heat beforehand... MORE