July 7 Bombings

Ed Morris replies:

What is the worst emergency you have been in?

A car crash where I was driving a car and turning right when a van hit my car head on. I nearly went through the winscreen but I glanced of the window. Fortunately I was OK. What I do remember was that everthing seemed to go in slow motion to such an extent that I could see the other driver's face and could see the window about to collide with my head. I remember twisting my head at impact thereby glancing of the window.

Why the pen name: scared?

No! The reason is to keep my business ventures separate from my writing.

What's the difference between miracles and fairy tales?

A miracle is a event where clear divine providence creates an outcome where the situation seem to suggest a less favourable outcome.

Fairy Tales are based more on wishful thinking and imagined outcomes or too much of the amber nectar.

Do Psalm 91 Promises really stack up in the real world?

Again the book goes into this in more detail. Psalm 91 isn't a mantra that produces protection. Psalm 91 is a framework for prayer that allows heart felt prayers and believing petitions. It stresses seeking God in the secret place.

I have always been impressed by King David who sought God's advice before any battle.

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