July 7 Bombings

Ed Morris welcomes you

This site accompanies my book "Terror-rest" published by Highland Books of the UK. It is intended as a work-in-progress where the ongoing promises of Psalm 91 can be documented and where readers can submit stories which augment those found in the book. It is also a poetic site, inasmuch as I have published a very imperfect Haiku version and hope to improve it over time through this very website, either through edits or with whole competing versions.

Psalm 91 haiku style:

Live and stay up close,

where Almighty God Most High

shades and hides your base.

I say to the LORD,

"You're my refuge and fortress.

My God I trust you."

He will snap me out

of deadly curses and traps

set maliciously.

His feathers! His nest!

Underwing cover! Trust him,

His truth missile-proof.

You can stop fearing

covert night-time onslaughts or

daylight sniper fire.

No excuse to dread

dusk's demonic germ attack

or high noon mayhem.

Thousands fall near you

mass destruction on your right

-yet you're left unscathed.

Tough punishment falls

on sin-flawed wicked people:

You'll see justice done.

The LORD's your refuge

The Almighty God's your home.

Evil can't touch you.

God commands - angels,

guarding every turn - angels,

you slip-slide; they catch.

You'll stamp on poison

snakes, stop ravening lions:

yes, and dragons sprawl.

"Because he loves me,

I'll deliver him. My name

he knows I uphold.

He calls in distress.

I answer, stick close, rescue

-he shares the honours.

I'll grace him long life,

and then delight his eyes with

utmost salvation."

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